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Analysis of Classification and Features of Plastic Cake Packaging Box

Cake packaging is very convenient for transportation because of its strength. Our product protects the internal cake from damage.

Plastic cake packaging: PET plastic cake container with transparent round top cover, suitable for 4-inch round cake

The cake base has a mesh shape design for packaging, which is convenient for decorating cake boxes, better fixing the base and cover, and it will not shift. The golden cake base adds texture and friction, making it less likely to tilt or slide when the cake is placed on it.

Food-grade PET material

The light-colored and smooth surfacing and food-grade PET raw materials are clean and hygienic.

Healthy, environmentally friendly, and high transparency

New material, clean and environmentally friendly PET material, with good gloss and transparency.

Durable and practical

Efficient and convenient packaging, customized logo pressure-resistant, and meticulous workmanship.

Long-term preservation and good sealing

Hidden buckles, firmly hooked, effectively extend the freshness of the fruit.

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Plastic cake packaging: 8-inch plastic round cake box with transparent round top cover

The 8-inch bottom width can just accommodate an 8-inch cake, preventing the cake from drying out. Suitable for cake display cabinets in any coffee shop, bakery, or grocery store. Use this attractive cake box to highlight your cakes and cookies and present delicious cakes.

Snap-lock bottom

With any custom seal acceptance, it can meet the cake packaging needs of different industries.

With cake board

With a hard cardboard cake board added, it will provide greater support, and the cake will be less likely to tilt or drop, and the effect will be better.

Transparent PET material

The cake container is made of food-grade PET material, which is lightweight and durable, and easy to carry around.

Plastic cake packaging box: 6-inch PET food-grade round cake container

8-12 inch disposable plastic cake boxes with transparent top covers, high-quality 2-3 layer cake trays, showing exquisite and delicious cakes. This set of cake boxes is easy to transport cakes.

Snap-lock lid

The round top cover is securely locked on the base to protect your cake from being damaged before serving. This design also maintains air circulation to maintain optimal freshness.

Reinforced foundation

The biodegradable cake packaging adopts a molded honeycomb design to increase its rigidity, thereby improving strength and reliability. This plastic cake packaging is very suitable for use in bakeries, grocery stores, households, or banquet organizers who need to transport cakes to event sites.

Cake board

Made of sturdy corrugated cardboard, this durable ring can even support the heaviest cakes. In addition, its top is in a refreshing white color, ensuring that your cake looks fresh and vibrant, and the colorful sugar icing and intricate designs stand out to present a stunning appearance.