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Custom Your Biodegradable Food Packaging

For fruit and vegetable, catering, sushi, baking, fresh meat, nuts and other China food packaging, we all support brand customization, with practicality, aesthetics, economy, originality as the packaging concept, including size customization, shape customization, text customization, trademark Customize, color customization. At the same time, we support the production and modeling of industrial products of injection molding, blister molding and blow molding.

Custom Your Biodegradable Food Packaging

Custom Process of Biodegradable Food Packaging

  • Custom mold, customize the shape of the mold according to the product shape or the provided drawings,  including copper mold, aluminum mold, plaster mold, cup machine mold, automatic machine mold.

  • Production samples: All samples are subject to professional quality inspection.

  • Transaction order and Arrange bulk production

Regarding customization, Lesui specializes in a series of packaging designs for fruit and vegetable products. For example, our hot selling customized strawberry packaging, we have sold 9 pcs 15 pcs 20 pcs 24 pcs, large, medium and small strawberry packaging with plastic packaging, paper packaging, gift packaging products.

Custom Case Show of Biodegradable Food Packaging

  • custom paper packaging
  • custom paper coffee cups
  • custom bakery boxes
  • custom bakery boxes wholesale
  • custom bakery packaging
  • paper packaging custom
  • biodegradable food packaging