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Introduction to the Overview of Eco Friendly Paper Bags!

What is an eco friendly paper bag?

Eco friendly paper bags, also known as pure wood pulp paper bags or commonly referred to as kraft paper bags, are made from plant fibers (such as tree bark, leaves, branches, etc.) through chemical pulping, followed by beating in a beater, and then adding adhesives, dyes, etc., until finally being made into paper on a paper machine (i.e. roll paper). The paper fiber strength can withstand significant tensile strength, and is resistant to moisture, low temperature freezing, and high temperature melting without deformation, distortion, or breakage. Its sturdy and tough quality is similar to cowhide, hence its name kraft paper bags.

The paper color is generally two types: natural color, which is a yellowish-brown color, and white.

White kraft paper is mainly used for the packaging of high-end commodities, such as clothing bags, shopping bags, gift bags, etc. And due to the physical properties of the paper, it actually makes the printing effect more distinctive. It is called green packaging internationally, and is beneficial for recycling, reusing, and degradation. It is much cheaper than paper-plastic composite bags, pearl film plastic bags, and cardboard coated bags, but slightly more expensive than ordinary plastic bags.

The main raw materials for eco friendly paper bags wholesale are kraft paper, PP woven fabric, and polyester thread.

The uses of eco friendly paper bags: used for packaging of powdery, granular, flaky, and blocky materials. The wholesale biodegradable paper bags are widely used in industries such as chemical, building materials, food, medicine, metallurgy, plastics, and feed.

Classification of eco friendly paper bags:

  • Multi-layer kraft paper bags: using two layers or more of kraft paper for machine processing, forming a bag shape, using polyester thread to sew the bottom, and then using hot air paper for heat sealing treatment.

  • Paper-plastic composite bag: also known as a three-in-one eco friendly paper bag. The outer layer is kraft paper, and the inner layer is a plastic PP woven bag. It is processed at high temperature with materials such as EVA, PP, PE, etc. After completion, the bottom is processed according to different types.

  • Square bottom open mouth bag: similar to multi-layer kraft paper bags, after machine processing, manual folding is used to form a square bottom, which is glued and then dried with hot air, etc.

  • Square bottom valve bag: The production process of the square bottom valve bag is basically the same as that of the square bottom open mouth bag. The valve bag has a trumpet mouth added to the top for filling materials.

  • Three-in-one outer-coated plastic bag: similar to the paper-plastic composite bag, waterproof and light-transmitting materials are used for the outer layer processing during semi-finished product processing.

  • Ton bag: a large woven bag with a weight of more than 1 ton.