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Kraft Salad Bowl

Kraft Salad Bowl

Lesui disposable kraft paper salad bowls can keep the food nice and warm, sturdy enough for hot soup, no leakage. These disposable salad containers wholesale have greaseproof material so prevent oil cannot come out of it and also can reduce heat loss. These kraft salad containers are also conveniently priced for single use and can be easily disposed after consumption.

Disposable Kraft Salad Bowls Wth Lids Ordering

Kraft Paper Salad Bowls Types

Kraft Paper Salad Bowls are an eco-friendly and sturdy option for serving salads, snacks, and other food items. Available in 1000ml, 750ml, and 500ml capacities, these bowls come in round, rectangle, and square shapes to fit your preferred style. 

Made from high-quality kraft paper material, these salad bowls are strong enough to hold even heavy or wet foods without leaking or breaking. The natural brown color and minimalist design makes them a great choice for any occasion, whether it's a casual picnic or a formal event.

1000ml: This size is ideal for larger salads or meals. It can hold up to 1000 milliliters or one liter of food.

750ml: This size is slightly smaller than the 1000ml bowl, and can hold up to 750 milliliters of food. It's a great option for medium-sized salads or side dishes.

500ml: This size is perfect for smaller portions, sides, or snacks. It can hold up to 500 milliliters of food.

In terms of shapes, Kraft paper salad bowls come in three main shapes: round, rectangle, and square.

    Round: Round-shaped bowls are classic and versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of foods and occasions. They're also stackable, which makes them easy to store and transport.

    Rectangle: Rectangular-shaped bowls offer an elegant and modern look. They're great for presenting more structured salads, such as ones with layers or toppings arranged in rows.

    Square: Square-shaped bowls offer a unique and stylish look. They're perfect for showcasing creative salads or other foods, as they provide a flat surface area that can display patterns or designs.

Our Kraft paper salad bowls offer a sustainable and convenient choice for serving food, with various size and shape options to suit your needs.

ModelTop Size(mm)Bottom Size(mm)Height Size(mm)Pack(pcs/ctn)

Kraft Paper Salad Bowls Advantages


High quality of Paper material: the 100% Food Grade withg 300 gsm abnd 18g PE, which makes sure our kraft salad containers are tough enough.


Different shapes and sized design: Our disposable salad bowls with lids are designed to keep food a good shape, no leakage, no soggy, when pack the food and take away.


 Stackable and Matching lids: These easily stackable kraft paper salad bowls are perfect for cafe, restaurants. And we provide the plastic clear lid, PP lid, PET clear lid, kraft paper lid.

Disposable Kraft Salad Bowls With Lids Video Display

Disposable Kraft Salad Bowls With Lids Video Display

This to-go kraft salad containers eco-friendly take away kraft salad bowl is made from paper and suitable for street food business, your running food servicing business, catering business, fast food van.

Disposable Kraft Salad Bowls With Lids Video Display

Why choose Lesui as your kraft paper salad bowls supplier?

1: Eco-friendly

Our kraft paper salad bowls are made from renewable and sustainable materials, making them an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

2. Top-quality

We use high-quality durable kraft paper material to ensure that our salad bowls are sturdy and strong, waterproof and oil-proof to hold even heavy or wet foods without leaking or breaking.

3. Customization

We offer customization options for our salad bowls, including size, shape, and design, which allows you to create a unique look that fits your brand and style.Wholesale custom printing  price is good.

4.Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our kraft paper salad bowls, which helps you save money on your packaging costs without sacrificing quality.

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