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Paper Food Packaging

Paper Food Packaging

Lesui paper packaging not only protect the food from external factors to make sure the food can be consumed safely but also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. And the biodegradable paper food packaging is easily printed some important information, such as nutritional information, origin and safe handling instructions to help the customer pick up food.

Types of Paper Food Packaging

Is Paper Packaging Good For Food?


Eco-friendly food grade product: No worries that can harm the environment, disposable food packaging materials packaging is totally compostable and biodegradable product.


Be recycled many times: the paper material can be used as raw materials to produce new renewable products, such as magazine paper, paper bags, secondary packaging.


Applicable to all kinds of places: Versatile and easy to use for your business, home kitchen, bakery, food truck, convenience and grocery store.

Video Display about Paper Food Packaging

Video Display about Paper Food Packaging

Our hot sales and popular paper packaging products including the disposable salad box, soup container, the hamburger and french fries box and different size of pizza box. All the biodegradable paper packaging supported customized logo, size and shape. And we are the one-step food packaging supplier, we can provide the set of paper packaging, plastic packaging and label sticker for a series food.

Video Display about Paper Food Packaging
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