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PET Cover PE Film

PET Cover PE Film

PET tray covered with PE sealing film is a popular food packaging solution that combines the strength and clarity of PET tray with the sealing properties of PE film. The combination provides an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, and bacteria, keeping the food fresh and safe. Lesui PET tray covered with PE sealing film is highly customizable and is an excellent option for a wide range of food industries, including bakery, confectionery, deli, and fresh produce.

Why Use Eco-Friendly PET cover PE film?


Eco-friendly PET disposable food packaging tray covers made from recycled materials reduce waste and carbon footprint.


PE film is a sustainable solution that eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals and non-renewable resources.


Bio-based alternatives to traditional plastic packaging are renewable and compostable.


Using sustainable packaging solutions is a responsible business decision that supports environmental protection while promoting brand image.

Video Display about PET cover PE film

Video Display about PET cover PE film

PET food packaging tray cover PE film is widely used for food packaging, including meat, vegetables, fruits, and snacks, due to its excellent strength, flexibility, and thermal stability.

Video Display about PET cover PE film
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