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Types of Customized Paper Bags

Food-grade kraft paper recyclable paper bag

Large capacity storage bag, size 11.03 inches * 5.71 inches * 11.03 inches, with green kraft paper grocery bag with handle, large paper bag for grocery shopping, handle provides grip for paper bag use. The handle bags are perfect for packaging, storing and carrying food items and are ideal for supermarkets, grocery stores, delicatessens and restaurants.

Easy to pack

Designed with a flat square bottom for easy packing, our wholesale biodegradable paper bags can stand independently for ease of packaging and displaying food items.

Convenient circular handle

These eco friendly paper bags wholesale come with sturdy smooth circular handles that do not stretch or tear even when the bags are full, making them easy to carry.

Fully customizable

We make paper bags in various sizes and colors, whether you want a single color or multiple colors, we can do it all. We are ready to customize styles and sizes according to your needs at any time.

Numerous variety and choices

We offer a wide range of materials, weights, handles, roll edges, pockets and label choices, and these eco paper bags wholesale can be used as thank you shopping bags, shopping bags, wedding welcome bags, baby shower gift bags, etc.

Brown kraft paper take-out food paper bag

A pack of 2000 10.92"x5.85"x10.92" large kraft paper bags with sturdy handles, used as takeaway bags, gift bags, kraft paper birthday party bags, grocery and retail shopping craft bags. All our products are made of materials that undergo strict quality control and use durable, thicker paper to meet your daily needs.

100% biodegradable paper bag

Kraft paper bags are made of paper and are degradable, which is superior to the material of plastic paper bags. They are ideal for food storage, kitchens, outdoor travel, storing and carrying food items such as fruits, candies, making your journey more comfortable.

Durable bag

This paper bag is more durable and can withstand a weight of 9 pounds. The handle is double-sided with imported high-strength adhesive, which can meet your daily needs.

Customized distinctive packaging is popular with customers

You can request customization of any size, add the text, QR code, and patterns that you want on it to fully support your brand, unleash your imagination and creativity, and make your products more famous.

White cotton toast food paper bag with transparent window

We offer a variety of white cottonpaper bags for food packaging, such as bread, toast, cookies, coffee beans, bakery and bread storage. The bag with a transparent window and an iron self-sealing strip displays fresh and delicious food.

Reusable sealable bag

There is a tin seal to ensure and maintain the flavor and freshness of the food. The design of the iron seal is easier to open and close, ensuring that the bag can be reused until the stored food is used up.

Widened bottom, simple and elegant design

The bottom is widened, which not only maintains the appearance but also increases the capacity of thepaper bag, and the square bottom is easy to stand.

The classic kraft paper white style is very suitable for personalization

Custom printing and choice of pasting your brand label to package food, coffee, beans, tea particles, candies, chocolates, sandwiches, pastries, biscuits, etc.