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What are matters needing attention for the choice of disposable paper cup?

What kind of paper is the disposable paper cup made of?

Paper cup is a paper container made by mechanically processing and gluing raw paper (white paperboard) made from chemical wood pulp, with a cup-shaped appearance. Paper cups for frozen food use are coated with wax and can hold ice cream, jam and butter, etc. Eco-friendly paper cups wholesale for hot drinks are coated with plastic, resistant to temperatures above 90 ℃, and can even hold boiling water. Paper cups are characterized by safety and hygiene, lightness and convenience. It can be used in public places, hotels, restaurants, and is disposable supplies.

(1) The selection of paper for paper cup: according to the market price, cost, size and market positioning to decide.

(2) Paper cup quality: regardless of machine factors, the better and the heavier the paper, the higher the quality.

(3) Market paper cups: 135 to 210 gsm single PE paper is commonly used.

(4) Advertising paper cups: 190 to 280 gsm single PE paper is commonly used.

(5) Exported paper cups: 190 to 280 gsm double PE paper is commonly used.

How many milliliters of disposable paper cup?

Paper cups generally come in 9-ounce and 6.5-ounce sizes, as well as tasting cups.
Upper mouth diameter of 9oz cup: 75MM, lower mouth: 52MM, height: 85MM, capacity: 220ML;
Upper mouth diameter of 6.5oz cup: 70MM, lower mouth: 52MM, height: 70MM, capacity: 180ML;
Tasting cup: upper mouth: 55MM, lower mouth: 38MM, height: 60MM, capacity: 86ML.

Each kind of wholesale takeaway food cup has its own unique use. Generally the paper cups used in our home life are generally 6.5 ounce paper cups.

Common sense in the selection of disposable paper cup

Buy regular brands, don't be greedy for petty advantage

If you have the need to buy disposable paper cups, then go to the regular supermarket to choose well-known paper cup products. The vast majority of paper cup products in circulation in regular shopping malls and supermarkets are qualified by inspection, and well-known brand products usually occupy larger shelves.

Read the product information carefully

Look for the "QS" logo. According to the State Administration for Market Regulation, food products such as paper containers, including paper cups, must bear the "QS" logo before they can be sold. The packaging is also marked with the material used (wax or PE) and the applicable temperature of the disposable paper cup.

Look carefully at disposable paper cups

Check whether the inside and outside surface of the cup is clean, free of deformation and mold, and whether the thickness is uniform. Good quality paper cups have good resilience and will not be soft when pinched.

The principle of 15mm up and 10mm down should be paid attention to for cold and hot drink cups. Because the graphite on the disposable paper cup printed with patterns is easy to fall off . And the mouth of the cup is easy to touch the lips, and the penetration of the bottom of the cup should be worried. So the area where the distance between the cup mouth and the cup body is within 15mm, and between the cup bottom and the cup body within 10mm should not be printed. For regular paper food packaging supplier, this point is standard.