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What Are the Types of Customized Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags?

Environmentally friendly red die-cut kraft paper bag

Our natural die-cut kraft paper bags can withstand up to 5.7 pounds in weight and measure 11" x 6" x 11". They feature reinforced die-cut handles and a solid bottom that are designed to withstand weight, making them ideal for boutique sales, food delivery, grocery bags, or gift bags.

High quality red kraft paper

These wholesale biodegradable paper bags are made of high-density paper and printed in bright ink, making them very sturdy and capable of holding a bag full of goods and smells.

Completely customizable

As a professional paper food packaging supplier, we take pride in offering customer service based on integrity and complete professionalism, and only match our trend-setting excellence with outstanding quality. Adding printed text, ribbons, or popular colors that shine is sure to make your recipient feel special.

Affordable prices

Lesui have our own production center and raw material center, which saves a lot of unnecessary costs and sells at an economical price. That's why we strive to provide the most affordable and competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

Recyclable and reusable fast food and snack kraft paper bag

Our brown kraft paper fast food bags are used for packaging fast food, measuring 6.3" x 1.58" x 9.3", and have a surface coated with PE to make them grease and oil-resistant. This snack paper bag has a pointed bottom and can be customized in flexographic printing. It is widely used in candy stores, delis, fast food restaurants, and various snacks.

Food-grade paper

The product is food-grade and can directly contact food. Moreover, it is 100% recyclable, of automatic mechanism, environmentally friendly, durable, and has accurate and beautiful printing.

Sturdy bottom board

High-quality glue is chosen, with good adhesion and meticulous workmanship and good sealing. It also supports the choice of BOPP seal (oil, water, and liquid-proof) of all or part of the polypropylene.

Convenient microwave safe box

Heat up snacks in the microwave for up to 30 seconds without taking them out of the bag, making it convenient for you.

Various food bags

Our different products meet the needs of different users. We have eco friendly paper bags wholesale made of oil-resistant paper, kraft paper, and coated paper. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and a healthy food bag.

Yellow food kraft paper bag with window

This cute yellow takeout paper bag is clear and features food-grade printing, designed for takeout burgers, fried chicken, and roast chicken. The square-bottom design makes it convenient to take out food.

Guests when going out

The open-style bags of these paper French fry bags and the oil-resistant design allow you to enjoy fried chicken or onion rings conveniently even on the go. They are perfect for barbecue, travel, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

Oil and water-resistant design

These snack bags are oil-resistant, preventing oil from seeping out of the surface or producing oil stains and helping you better enjoy your food. Paper packaging is usually used for French fries, potato chips, burgers, mozzarella sticks, or biscuits.

Easy to carry open-top design

Our paper bags adopt an open-top design for easy access. The design outside the food section is convenient for folding and repacking food so that it can be carried away at any time and keeps the food warm.