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What's the Difference Between a Paper Cup for Cold Drinks and a Paper Cup for Hot Drinks?

Paper cups can be divided into paper cups for cold drinks and paper cups for hot drinks. You might think that paper cups are nothing more than these two types. What's the difference?
In fact, due to the different uses and processing forms, the quality requirements of the two paper cups for disposable food packaging materials are also different. In addition to meeting the requirements of the packaging processing performance, the custom material of disposable paper cup must also have certain printing suitability, and wholesale takeaway food cup printing should also meet the conditions of heat sealing in paper cup processing and molding.

Paper cup for hot drinks

Usually it is used for containing hot beverage, the material used for its processing is the paper after lamination with PE on one side, i.e. single-sided laminated paper. Printing is usually done on the non-PE side, directly on the paper side.

Due to the need of wholesale hot drink cups, this kind of paper cup needs to be processed with a certain degree of heat insulation, so usually this kind of products require paper to have a certain thickness and stiffness to increase the heat insulation of the paper cup, and the larger the volume, the thicker the used paper.

Due to the needs of the market, printing on the paper cup is a way of publicity used by many manufacturers. At the same time, the exquisite printing pattern also gives the paper cup a gorgeous coat, bringing good visual enjoyment to consumers.

The printing of single coated PE paper is carried out on paper. Therefore, the selected ink must meet the requirements of food hygiene. Except that, the impact of other aspects of the paper on printing is similar to that of ordinary paper.

Paper cups for cold drinks

Paper cups for cold drinks can be divided into two kinds according to the different processing methods. One is that the paper has good permeability resistance after the base paper printing and making the cup go through the wax dipping process, and the other is that the paper has permeability resistance after the double-sided PE composite.

The printing requirements of the two kinds of paper cups with different processing forms are different.

The paper cup processed by dipping wax is cut on the paper surface, and there is no special requirement for raw materials in the printing itself. And for double-sided PE composite paper, special treatment is required for the composite paper to obtain good printing results.
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