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Disposable Cake Packaging

Disposable Cake Packaging

Crafted with the finest materials and designed with utmost care, our disposable cake packaging is the perfect choice for storing, transporting, and presenting your delectable cakes. 

Our plastic cake packaging is made from high-quality, food-grade materials that are safe, durable, and eco-friendly. The sturdy construction of our plastic cake packaging boxes ensures that your cakes remain secure and protected during transit, preventing any damage or spoilage. The clear design of wholesale plastic cake containers allows your customers to get a sneak peek of the mouthwatering goodness that lies within, enhancing their anticipation and excitement. 

Plastic Cake Packaging Boxes Ordering

Disposable Cake Packaging Types

  • Round Plastic Cake Boxes: Round plastic cake containers come in different sizes, such as 4 6 inch small plastic cake container. The biodegradable cake box is usually made of sturdy plastic with a window or without.

  • Cupcake Boxes: These small disposable plastic containers for cakes are available in single, double, and 15 packs. Cupcake boxes are mostly made of high transparency PET materials, and some come with a clear plastic window on top.

  • Cake Boards: Some disposable plastic cake boxes come with cake boards or cake drums, which serve as a sturdy base for the cake. They are usually made of corrugated cardboard, coated with foil, and grease-resistant.

  • Cake Containers: Plastic cake containers disposable come in different shapes and sizes, from small round containers for individual servings to large rectangular containers for cakes. Plastic disposable cake containers are mostly made of clear plastic or PET.

  • RPET cake packaging container:  The recyclable crystal-clear visibility RPET container , it is perfect for presenting cakes, minicakes. The durable material to to prevent the cake deformation, easy to carry or send.

  • Square cake container: Made of food grade safe PET material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic. Lesui plastic cake packaging boxes with tight buckle, holds securely when closed and can be resealed after opening.

  • Triangle cake container: As a china biodegradable food packaging, this clear plastic cake box attractively display to see the piece cake from outside. Made of food-grade PET and RPET material, safety and sanitation. Perfet for crepe cake, cheesecake and other triangle cakes in dinner party, Christmas party, holiday decoration, mall events.

Why plastic cake container with clear dome lid is your good choice? 

Lesui plastic cake container with clear dome lid is designed to safely transport and display cakes and other desserts.

The plastic cake boxe with lid is made of food-grade, BPA-free PET plastic that is safe for storing and transporting the delicate cake. The round plastic cake container with lid is designed typically available in various sizes to accommodate different cake sizes,such as 6inch, 9inch, 12inch.This clear plastic cake container with clear Dome Lid, which allows for easy visibility of the cake inside the container, ensuring that the cake remains appetizing at all times.

The feature of the plastic cake container with clear dome lid

  • Secure fit: The lid fits securely onto the base, ensuring that the cake is protected from external contaminants such as dust and insects and keep food freshness.

  • Easy to carry: The round plastic cake container has a sturdy light container wall and base that allows for easy transportation of the cake.

  • Reusable: The plastic mini cake container is reusable, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for transporting and storing cakes. Very suitable for the birthday and wedding party.

  • Stackable: The round plastic cake boxe can be easily stacked, saving storage space and allowing for easy access to multiple cakes or desserts.

  • Easy to clean: The clear plastic cake container is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, ensuring that it can be reused multiple times.

  • High transparency: Its whole clear cake dome lid to display the beautiful cake and pie.

What Material is Used for Disposable Cake Packaging?


PET plastic material: There are many benefits to using plastic cake packaging boxes, the clear recycle PET plastic material is perfect for disposable cake packaging because it provides a clear view of the contents inside.


The insulating effect material: cake products need specific requirements during transport and storage to keep the contents fresh, and our disposable cake packaging can fully meets the demand.


Customized  food grade paper: The food grade paper material is affordable, compostable and this kind of disposable cake packaging is good at boosting the brand  popularity and awareness.

Plastic Individual Cake Containers Video Display

Plastic Individual Cake Containers Video Display

Each clear plastic cake box packaging deliver not only delicious cake, but also the full emotion you give to the food. The exquisite round design and clear window makes our round plastic cake container with lid an easy way to showcase your baked goods.

Plastic Individual Cake Containers Video Display

Why choose Lesui as your clear plastic round cake boxes supplier?

Huge factory

Our plant area exceeds 60,000 square meters with the annual output reaches more than 60,000 tons including RPET, PET, PLA, PP, Paper products, and the annual output value is over 600 million yuan.

Owned dust-free workshops and advance Germany production lines

We have built 100,000 GMP dust-free workshops and 20 advanced Germany KIEFEL production lines in our facility. Lesui Corporation is committed to promote the craftsman spirit and aiming at providing safe, hygienic, environmentally friendly and innovative food packaging .

Set up many service and logistics distribution

Our production bases in Zhejiang and Anhui, including Anhui Lesui New Material Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lesui Packaging Material Co., Ltd., etc. Our service and logistics distribution centers in Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Anhui. 

Owned various international certifications

Lesui fulling successfully passed many food safety management system certifications, such as FSSC, FDA, BRC, ISO22000, FSSC22000, QS, GRS, WCA etc. 

Years of export experience

We have more than 10 years of export experience, our products were sold throughout more than 50 countries ,main markets are the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, France and other European countries . 

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