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Plastic Salad Container

Plastic Salad Container

Lesui's goal is for every customer to be completely satisfied with their order and shopping experience. Made of premium quality plastic, our disposable plastic salad containers with lids are BPA-Free and recyclable! Our secure plastic salad bowls with lids lock in freshness, keeping your food delectable and undamaged. The crystal clear container is great for displaying your food.

Plastic Fruit Salad Containers Ordering

Material Advantages of Plastic Salad Bowl Containers


Made of Durable PET: With wide ribbing along the sides for added strength to ensure food safety.


Crystal Clear PET Materials: The high transparent PET material offering optimum product visibility with this crystal clear construction.


Saving the cost: Compared with other iron or aluminum materials, PET disposable plastic salad bowls with lids will greatly save your budget and get more salad containers.

Video Display about Plastic Salad Containers Disposable

Video Display about Plastic Salad Containers Disposable

As top of leading China food packaging manufacturers, we've got salad bowls in a variety of styles and sizes. Our plastic to-go fruit salad containers are designed with airtight lids for a secure seal. When you hear the snap, you'll know that your container is tightly closed. 

Video Display about Plastic Salad Containers Disposable
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