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Research & Development About Lesui

Research & Development About Lesui

We had formed a professional R&D team since 2018 to focus on food packaging solutions. We rely on our specialised research and development team to bring new technologies to our industry.

Highly Efficient R & D System

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Special Technical R&D Department

Our company has set up a special technical research and development department, and has a technical research and development team with rich experience and strong innovation ability.

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Advanced Various R&D Patents

We have advanced various R&D patents , including the patents for appearance , utility model, invention, etc. And had won various innovation awards for many times.

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Complete Front-end Development System

We have a complete front-end development system for new products, involving product design, mold design, graphic design and photography.

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Complete Product Testing System

We have the complete back-end product testing system, equipped with experienced top product samples, professional start-up technicians, and mold manufacturing staff.

china biodegradable food packaging evaluation system
R&D Performance Evaluation System

We have a mature R&D performance evaluation system to promote technological innovation and ensure the continuity of technological innovation.

Automatic Production Lines

We have 12 German KIEFEl KMD78 model automatic production lines and 20 domestic advanced automatic forming, cutting and punching machines, 30 automatic thermoforming production lines, 50 cutting punches, 10 punching machines, etc.

Lesui R&D Room

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