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Tamper Evident Container

Since 2019, the media reported the ice-cream opened by customer and eat it freely in supermarkets, which brought the attention to the tamper evident food packaging container, heightened the concerns among wholesale food container suppliers and the customers. Therefore, tamper-evident packaging is more important than ever and Lesui committed to produce the leak resistant,easy to open,easy to reseal tamper evident container.

Advantages of Tamper Evident Container


The featured PET new raw materials provide food packaging with one or more barriers to safety, hygiene and health. The disposable food packaging materials are important elements for brands and consumers, the sturdy materials make consumers can trust that the product inside is safe.  


Our tamper evident container is solid, pressure withstanding, kneading does not break it easily. Consumers told us that safe and high quality packaging is inherently linked to trust, favorability and purchasing behavior.


Lesui container is seal design with safety lock catch design, and no sprinking, portable. In terms of details, we can ensure that consumers have a good impression of the brand. Its one-time tear strip design to prevent food from being stolen.


For fresh fruit and vegetable container, there are scientific air vent, it's more convenient to storage and maintain fresh. And its transparent design, the shape is sample and generous, highlighting the delicake of the internal food.

Use of Lesui Tamper Evident Container

Use of Lesui Tamper Evident Container

The tamper evident keeps food safe and gives consumers more confidence in food safety by preserving product integrity, which physically protects consumer rights. such as, when when supermarkets are sold dried fruit, home packaging, and salad, there will never happened the outer packaging be arbitrarily opened. In addition to ensure food integrity, tamper evident container also used for use child resistant features and tamper-evident seals.

Use of Lesui Tamper Evident Container
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