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Plastic Cutlery

Plastic Cutlery

Lesui has always been committed to the production of durable kitchen tableware,  we want to bring to everyone is a pleasant party experience, we are always looking for new designs and more stringent quality requirements of our biodegradable cutlery wholesale.

The great tableware not only a kind of social interaction to help the customers can communicate with us deeply.

Why Choose Lesui Plastic Cutlery?


Recyclable and BPA Free: The plastic forks and spoons made by hard plastic which are BPA free. They are made of 100% pure PS material, safe and stable material.


Saving the cost: Plastic Cutlery is a smart, budget-friendly choice to serve a whole lot of guests at home or any professional setting.


100% recyclable: The 100% recyclable, disposable cutlery sets make the after-party clean up a breeze! Perfect for home use, hosting big parties or gatherings, charity meals, food catering, to-go or takeout orders, food trucks.

Video Display about Plastic Cutlery

Video Display about Plastic Cutlery

Made of the highest quality, durable plastic materials, the Lesui plastic Cutlery set is strong and sturdy to use with all different types of food. Ideal for appetizers, cakes, ice-cream, cheesecake or any other dessert.

Video Display about Plastic Cutlery
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