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Frozen Food Tray

Frozen Food Tray

Lesui disposable standard supermarket meat poultry frozen food trays. These frozen food trays is functional and attractive, ideal for packaging of fresh and frozen meat, fish and poultry. The disposable plastic tray is the best choice for any self-service store, produce market, butcher shop, grocery store. 

What Are the Suitable Frozen Food Tray Materials?


Food grade PET material: PET can withstand abrupt temperature change. Therefore, it is generally used for microwaveable frozen food product packaging. 


PE films : PE films can withstand temperature as low as -40 degrees, they widely be used for low-temperature transportation, handling, and storage.


Food grade PP material: PP plastic is desirable for frozen food packing, because it can withstand a wide range of temperature and provides insulation to the products from the outer environment.

Video Display about Frozen Food Tray

Video Display about Frozen Food Tray

These durable frozen food trays are crafted from durable food garde PP material that provides an excellent presentation of the products featured inside and helps to distinguish the products by tray color.

Video Display about Frozen Food Tray
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