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Disposable Cups

Disposable Cups

Sustainable disposable cups are the most welcome type of utensils you see at parties, small gatherings and functions. Lesui, one of the leading disposable cups manufacturers in China, provide the full set of food packaging services of custom disposable cups, including PET cup, PP cup, PLA cup, biodegradable plastic cups wholesale with fit lids to apply for cold drink, hot drink, condiments sauce, such as iced coffee, smoothies, bubble/buba tea, milkshakes & frozen cocktails, water, sodas, and juices, breakfast parfait and so on.

Types of Disposable Cups for Sale

Advantages of Biodegradable Disposable Cups


Lightweight: Personalised disposable cups are light in weight, which is why it is used at places where children are present. The material used in the making of eco disposable cups is light in weight, which further reduces the overall weight of the cups.


Recyclable: Biodegradable plastic cups bulk cups are recyclable which means disposable packaging manufacturers can decompose them to make more disposable cups with lids. As they are single-use disposable cups for sale, it becomes more important to think about making these custom disposable cups less harmful to the environment.


Easy to handle: these types of biodegradable food packaging are the easiest thing to handle when you use them for serving beverages. These biodegradable plastic cups wholesale are more convenient to put in place and organize for further usage and even after usage.

Custom Your Own Eco Disposable Cups

Custom Your Own Eco Disposable Cups

  • consulting customer service: There are professional sales staff to quickly reply and communicate customization needs, customization quantities and customization fees.

  • Provide dimensions logo: We have a professional and experienced R&D team of custom disposable cups to design products, cup logos, and provide professional case diagrams for customers to reference.

  • Design and proofing: 5 or 6 working days for customized design samples for personalised disposable cups, then 2 or 3 working days will get samples for free. All sent samples are professionally inspected for quality.

  • Confirm finalization: After the customer receives the sample, will conform the bulk disposable cups order.

  • Production and deliver goods: The factory produces biodegradable disposable cups on time and arranges professional logistics to deliver on time.

What Are Disposable Plastic Cups Made Of?

Disposable plastic cups are usually made from a plastic called polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Due to its low cost and versatility, it is commonly used for food packaging.

On the other hand, these biodegradable plastic cups are lightweight materials that can be easily molded into cups of various shapes and sizes. Meanwhile the custom disposable cups made of RPET and biodegradable cups made of PLA are getting more and more attention in the food service industry bakery industry, where they are used more and more widely.

These are environmentally friendly and personalised disposable plastic cups that bring convenience to life while minimizing the burden on the environment.

Are Disposable Cups Safe?

Are Disposable Cups Safe?

Whether biodegradable disposable cups are safe to use depends on what they are made of and how they are used.

For example, in the case of custom paper cups, they are safe as long as the amount of fluorescents used does not exceed the limit and you do not use paper cups with excessive fluorescents over a long period of time.

Paper cups are lined with a layer of PE film, which is used to prevent leakage, and its production process is Raw paper - coating - printing - die-cutting - molding - packaging. Its melting point in 120 ° - 140 ° between, and the boiling point of water for 100 °, so used to contain hot water is not harmful.

Moreover, according to the national standard GB/T 27590-2011, the requirements for the printing position, the mouth of the cup from the cup body within 15mm shall not be printed, the bottom of the cup from the cup body within 10mm shall not be printed.

If you are still worried about hot drink cups, there are 4 ways to teach you to pick a trustworthy hot drink cup.

First, under daylight, test the biodegradable plastic cups bulk for blue light, which can effectively identify whether the fluorescent agent exceeds the standard

Second, test whether the insulated disposable cups carry SC safety mark and whether the disposable cups suppliers has international food safety certificate such as FDA.

Third, test whether sustainable disposable cups are clean and have no odor

Fourth, gently squeeze the sides of the cup wall, if it is easy to deform and tear, it is not recommended to buy.

In short, to buy a hot drink cup, be sure to pick a good quality, quality assurance.

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