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Disposable Trays Packaging

Disposable Trays Packaging

Trays are suitable to store all the fresh produce like fruit, vegetables, meat, egg, dumpling etc. Disposable trays can be easily stored in a fridge or can be displayed for sales. Lesui provides different types of produce trays at an economic price with  high quality and durable to last for a long period of time. Our plastic food tray manufacturers have also established long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known supermarkets, which approved high quality and durability.

Types of Disposable Trays Packaging

Advantages of Disposable Trays Packaging


The superior raw material: We use the top class and food grade raw materials, that is more healthy, hygienic, and safe. Raw materials are the first step in fully quality control.


The advanced automated machine: We had imported production equipment, including German KIEFEL brand to keep stable quality.


The professional OEM service: The various shapes, colors, materials, gram weight, logo and sizes can be customized according to customer's particular requirement due to our vacuum thermoforming technology.


Experienced working team: We have over 14 years experience in develop and produce various kinds of blister disposable clear plastic containers for demestic and worldwide customer. Including our professional and well-trained export staff to provide your good service from consultation to after sales service.

Multi-use of Lesui Disposable Trays Packaging

Multi-use of Lesui Disposable Trays Packaging

Disposable tray packaging is a container for food and fresh food storage, which makes food packaging simplify and conveniently, which is widely used in supermarkets and fresh meat processing. The sealed film tray is high-barrier vacuum packaging that seals the product between a transparent film and a tray under vacuum to maintain product color, aroma and freshness.

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