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Disposable Salad Container

Disposable Salad Container

The green salad container set is a perfect combination of a sophisticated looking cconvenient container and lunch container. They also used for holding hamburger, french fries, ketchup, ham sausage, chicken chop, chicken wings,oysters,steak, noodles. Lesui provide premium shape and design, their tasteful shapes and clear lids or window provide the green salads with the perfect visual presentation.

Types of Disposable Salad Container

Advantages of Disposable Salad Boxes


Food Grade Material: Thick kraft paper with  food grade paper, crystal clear recycle PET material, and our disposable fruit salad containers are durable and flexible, anti-deformed.


Good sealing: The kraft paper salad bowls are waterproof and oilproof to microwave safe,the disposable plastic salad containers are tight buckle.


Safe and Healthy: Food -grade water-bome environmental glue, strong adhesion,degum.


Customization: Specifications are optional and can be customized for printing.

How To Make Disposable Salad Container?

How To Make Disposable Salad Container?

The regular kraft salad container production process is laminating, printing, die-cutting, forming, package delivery palletize storage, finally transportation. In contrast, the process of plastic products is more complicated. Lesui, your reliable biodegradable food packaging manufacturer, has advanced fully automated German-made machines, the specific process including the rolled plastic sheet is cutted, heating the fixed sheet, then get the formed product, next the mold is demolded, removed the edge material , and the finished plastic salad container is produced. All processes are completed in a 100 thousand class clean workshop to ensure that can contact with food directly.

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