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Take Away Food Container

Take Away Food Container

Sturdy leak & grease proof microwavable take away cardboard eco friendly disposable paper take out food container. Lesui takeout disposable food containers wholesale are made out of SBS paperboard which provide added durability as well as four flaps and a tab lock on top, with an added glistening exterior touch.

Why Use Eco-Friendly Take Away Food Container?


Save the resources: A full 30% of municipal solid waste is made of packaging waste, and if we can save the China biodegradable food packaging, sellect the best suitable packaging solution, which will save a lots of resources.


Restaurants is a large part: restaurants contribute largely to the biodegradable food containers wholesale. Restaurants can greatly change it by reducing their waste.


Consumers also care about restaurant disposable take away food containers: These figures show that millennials person are about 1.5x more likely to use a more sustainable packaging, and more willing to pay them.

Video Display about Take Away Food Container

Video Display about Take Away Food Container

Paper and cardboard are both abundant and recyclable. The recycled paper is little to no impact on the environment. Prices is surprisingly versatile and can package all different food types. Our fully biodegradable clamshell kraft compostable containers can handle both hot and cold foods.

Video Display about Take Away Food Container
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