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Disposable Fruit & Vegetable Container

Disposable Fruit & Vegetable Container

Fruit and vegetable are are most important foods for our body, which contains so many vitamins, fibres and other essentail nutrients to provide our body so much  energy. However, we need the China biodegradable food packaging which helps fruit and vegetable to remain fresh. Lesui provides high quality optimal food protection, which gives customers the cost efficient packaging solutions that provides great value for money.

Advantages of Disposable Fruit & Vegetable Container


Providing customization solution: Our eco friendly fruit packaging could be customized as different requirements, including the materials, dimensions, thickness, shape, color and so on. 


Freshness keeping: There are air-breathing holes are specially for temperature and moisture control to tremendously help freshness keeping and prevent food from spoiling.


Strong blister box: We use high quality food grade PET. Character for  blister box is thick and crystal clear. Not matter how many grams you need to put in one box, we have various of solution for you. This is good choice to made your goods more valuable 


Convenient buckle: Nicely and easily to shut this clamshell and box is fastened strongly and fruit would never escape during transport and display.

Quality Control of Lesui Disposable Fruit & Vegetable Container

Quality Control of Lesui Disposable Fruit & Vegetable Container

The surface appearance of our products is free of bubbles, streak and bristle, cleaner, stronger that won't be easy to be distorted, than most blister packaging. We have a set of strict quality inspection programs, strictly in accordance with food-grade inspection standards, starting from raw materials, controlling every patt, Each quipment was adjusted to the most suitable parameters, and the masters operate in strict accordance with the parameter standards. Make sure every product is food grade certified and qualified

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