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PLA Food Packaging

Compare with the  traditional petroleum-based plastic packaging, PLA material is biodegradable and eco-friendly. By contrast,the production of one ton of PS materials, the production of one ton of PLA materials can reduce energy consumption by 65% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68%. Lesui has always been committed to the development and production of environmentally friendly China biodegradable food packaging solutions,  and this developmental ideal also attracted many partners who are responsible for ecological sustainability.

Advantages of PLA Food Packaging


100% biodegradable: PLA doesn’t have the harmful chemical composition, most of them are made of corn starch, then the sugarcane, tapioca root, cassava, and sugar beet pulp.


The strong PLA packaging, our PLA products astrong as the conventional plastics packaing. So PLA food packaging is functional, sustainablee, and cost effective.


Our PLA containers are suitable for cold drinks and snacks, our 100% certified wholesale hot drink cups and lids are made with either PLA. Also available in a variety of sizes and lid options biodegradable logo printing.

Environmental Benefits of PLA Food Packaging Material

Environmental Benefits of PLA Food Packaging Material

The using  of 100% compostable biodegradable PLA deli containers are made of plant-based bioplastic, very suitabel for to go foods like fruit, salads, cold beverage and sandwiches. It weight as light and strong as other material plastic commodity. PLA coul degrade naturally rather than accumulating in landfills. And PLA breaks down in 45-90 days in industrial composting facilities.

Environmental Benefits of PLA Food Packaging Material
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