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Paper Cup

Paper Cup

With the label of environmental protection, biodegradable paper cups are the choice of most coffee shops. Lesui, one of the leading disposable paper cups suppliers in China, offers the double wall and single wall eco friendly paper cups wholesale or compostable coffee cups wholesale, best for both hot and cold drinks, to hold hot drinks up to 100 degree celcius. You can sip your favorite hot or cold beverage in style by using Lesui cups.

Types of Eco-friendly Paper Cups Wholesale

Compostable Paper Cups: These bio paper cups are made from materials like bioplastic, bagasse (sugar cane fiber), or plant-based PLA (polylactic acid). They are designed to break down into compost when properly disposed of in a commercial composting facility.

Recyclable Paper Cups: Made from recyclable cardboard, these disposable paper coffee cups have a thin coating that can hold liquids without leaking. After use, these eco friendly paper cups can be recycled through standard paper recycling processes.

Single-wall paper cups: Single-layer disposable paper cups have a smooth surface and are usually used to hold cold drinks, such as cola, soda water, sparkling water, and iced coffee. If the single wall paper cup is used to hold hot drinks, such as milk and hot coffee, it is usually equipped with a girdle to prevent hot hands.

Double-wall paper cup: Double-layer paper cup is relatively thick, and the outer layer of the cup wall is usually corrugated paper, which is mainly used to prevent hot hands. Double wall paper cup has a relatively strong pressure-bearing capacity.

What's the Best Paper Cup for Hot Drinks?

Double Wall Paper Cups

These biodegradable paper cups have an extra layer of insulation to keep hot drinks warm and hands cool. The double-wall design provides better insulation than a single-wall cup, reducing the need for a sleeve.

Corrugated Paper Cups

Corrugated paper cups have a corrugated outer layer that provides extra insulation and enhanced grip. Ridges on the surface create air pockets that improve heat retention and make the cup comfortable to hold. These disposable paper coffee cups are popular in coffee shops for serving hot drinks.

Compostable/Biodegradable Paper Cups

If sustainability is important to you, look for compostable or biodegradable paper cups. The eco friendly paper cups are made from renewable resources and will naturally break down over time.

Video Display about Paper Cup Wholesale

Video Display about Paper Cup Wholesale

The single walled and double walled, with rolled rims and firm base make these paper-made biodegradable cups wholesale leak proof. Our company specializing in eco cups wholesale supports the customization of different sizes and patterns to help enterprises strengthen their brand awareness.

Video Display about Paper Cup Wholesale

Are Paper Cups Eco Friendly?


Biodegradable paper cups are made from trees: this is a renewable resource and more environmentally friendly, and will not accidentally ingest plastic.


These custom biodegradable coffee cups decompose faster : it is easier to recycle than plastic one, It means that more paper cups will be broken down in the same cycle.


The biodegradable cups wholesale aren't toxic: they can be microwaved or eaten accidentally, there is no harmful chemicals, like benzene.

How to Recycle Paper Cups?

Recycling bio paper cups are an important step in reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

1. Empty and Rinse: Before recycling, be sure to empty the cup of any remaining liquid or contents. Rinse the paper cup with water to remove any remaining food or drink.

2. Split cups: Some disposable paper coffee cups have separate plastic lids, sleeves or stirrers. Plastic lids may need to be recycled in different ways, such as through plastic recycling programmes. If a paper cup has a cardboard sleeve, it is usually compostable, not recyclable.

3. Flatten the cup: Gently press the paper cup to flatten it. This helps save space during transportation and sorting.

4. Recycle in the appropriate bin: Once you have prepared your biodegradable plastic cups wholesale for recycling, place them in the designated recycling bin. It is usually a blue bin or container specifically marked for paper and cardboard recycling. Make sure no non-recyclable items are mixed in to avoid contaminating the recycling stream.

How to Recycle Paper Cups?

Different Paper Cups Applications

Office and Workplace Settings

Paper cups bulk are often found in office break rooms, cafeterias, and workplaces without the need to wash and clean reusable cups.

Beverage consumption

Bio paper cups are commonly used to hold hot and cold beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice and water in cafes, restaurants, fast food chains, convenience stores and vending machines.

Takeaway and catering services

Biodegradable paper cups are widely used in the food industry for takeaway or delivery services. They are used to package soups, ice cream, desserts, snacks and other food products.

Events and Parties

Eco friendly paper cups are often used at events and gatherings such as parties, picnics, conferences, and sporting events.

Educational Institutions

Cardboard cups for coffee are also suitable for schools, colleges and universities. They are often used in cafeterias and campus food outlets to serve drinks and snacks to students, faculty, and staff.

Craft Projects

Paper cups are also used in various craft projects. They can be painted, cut, and glued to create different art and craft items, making them a popular choice in schools and art classes.

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