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Paper Packaging

Paper Packaging

Biodegradable paper packaging is the one of the earliest and largest used packaging form for food products, paper raw material account for 31% of the global packaging market segment. Because of papers environmental friendly feature, which makes it the first choice for food industries, like milk based products, beverages, candy, bakery products, ice cream cups, microwave popcorn bags, baking paper, fast food packaging boxes such as pizza, burger, fries and paper bags etc.

Types of Paper Packaging

Advantages of Paper Packaging Wholesale

Paper packaging materials have the features of environmental protection, recycling, cost saving, etc. Along with the increasing environmental requirements of packaging at the whole international market, paper materials becoming the preferred disposable food packaging materials.


Compostable paper packaging is recyclable to protect environment. Waste paper material can be recycled which isnot harmful to invironment.


Paper packaging has good printing performance, so it’s often used to custom printing. Through the proper surface treatment to expand the application range of paper and cardboard, such as moisture resistance, insect resistance, barrier properties, heat sealability etc.


Paper packaging is low-cost. There is wide source of raw materials with low cost, diverse varieties, easy to do mass production.

Paper Packaging Materials For Food

Paper Packaging Materials For Food

  • Kraft paper: Kraft paper is prepared from the unbleached pulp.

    Kraft paper possess coarse structure and very high strength. Food grade kraft paper is United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant. Kraft paper is used for the packaging of sugar, dried fruits and vegetables, sandwich wrapper, biscuit bag, frozen and non-frozen confection wrapper, ect.

  • Bleached paper: Bleaching reduces the strength of paper making it soft, expensive and white, and used when focus is on appearance rather than its strength. Bleached kraft paper is used for flour, sugar, and fruits and vegetables.

  • Folding cartons: Cartons are the boxes made from sheets of paperboard and available in various shapes and sizes as per market requirement. Folding cartons often used for the containers of bakery and confectionary products.

  • Corrugated fibreboard : The raw material for CFB is mainly kraft paper. Corrugated fibreboard usually consists of two or more layers of flat kraft paper (liner) and layers of corrugated material (flute) is sandwiched between the flat layers to provide cushioning effect and abrasion resistance. It is used in direct food contact surface mainly for fruits and vegetables, pizza, burgers, fast food, bread, poultry and French fries.

  • Paper labels and adhesives: Labels are used in food industry mainly for identification of the food commodities, declarations regarding nutritional information, health claims, bar code, manufacturer’s information, instructions for use, expiry date and quantity of the product. Letterpress printing, lithography, flexography, gravure and stamping process are extensively used for printing of information and pictures on paper labels.

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