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The Development Of Paper Food Packaging

In the global environment of sustainable development, reducing plastic packaging and using renewable materials has gradually become the trend of the industry, which undoubtedly creates a good development space for the paper industry. Paper food packaging materials are widely used in China biodegradable food packaging because of their good processing strength and performance, which meet the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Development of paper food packaging materials: With the progress of science and technology, a variety of detection technologies have appeared in the safety testing of paper food packaging materials. In recent years, under the initiative and promotion of the government, many a paper food packaging supplier are committed to the research and development of new paper packaging. Although the initial cost of research and development is high and the popularity is limited, these paper packages have a positive impact in the long run. Nowadays, green consumption is gradually approaching People's Daily life. There are more and more kinds of green food in the market, including cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk, drinks and so on. Food paper packaging must strictly comply with the green packaging standards. Nowadays, because of the restriction of plastic plastic issued by the state and the rising voice of people for health and environmental protection, green paper packaging is widely used in People's Daily life again.

Paper food packaging bags are commonly used in the four types of paper: food packaging bag customization, there are many paper types to choose, often used there are four: kraft paper, coated paper, white card paper, offset paper. Different types of paper tenacity, smoothness and beauty are different, in custom paper bags, food packaging bag manufacturers will choose according to the use of paper bags and different paper characteristics, in order to meet customer needs.

The Reasons Of Kraft Paper Food Packaging

Kraft material is environmentally friendly. As we all know, environmental protection is advocated all over the world now, plastic because of its special nature is not easy to decompose and is restricted to use, kraft paper belongs to paper easy to decompose, in the decomposition process will not cause pollution, everyone in order to respond to the requirements of environmental protection, so we all like to use kraft paper materials as product packaging. The material of kraft paper can be made into a variety of styles. Brown paper style can be made into brown paper window ziplock bag (brown paper window zipper bag); Brown paper ziplock bag without window (brown paper zipper bag without window). Vellum flat-bottom zipper bag, vellum standing bag, vellum eight-side sealing window bag, vellum eight-side sealing window bag, etc. Use of wholesale biodegradable paper bags. Kraft paper, food packaging bags can be used in all kinds of small food, general series: kraft paper, dried fruit bag, kraft paper, beef jerky bags, kraft paper, leisure bags, kraft paper, grain bags, kraft paper, fungus mushroom bag, kraft paper, tea bag, kraft paper, health food bags, kraft paper, seafood bag, etc., with moistureproof, prevent odoour, waterproof, insect-resistant, prevent debris; Brown paper ziplock bag can also be used for clothing and other daily articles packaging, a wide range of uses. Brown paper ziplock bag is beautiful and elegant, high-end and high-grade, and it has more marketing power than traditional ziplock bag packaging.

The Application Prospect Of Healthy Paper Food Packaging Box Customization

It has many advantages in energy saving and resource saving. In terms of food packaging box customization market, food paper packaging era has come. The development of paper packaging and printing technology in developed countries shows the following new characteristics: single-layer materials to multi-layer materials; Offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, screen printing and other printing methods coexist and flexographic printing will grow the fastest; Sheet paper to web, single machine to on-line production direction; The comprehensive application of various related new technologies, such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, constantly optimize the whole production system, so that the production process of paper packaging box is more simple and convenient.

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