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The Introduction Of Plastic Tableware

The type of plastic tableware: According to its composition, plastic tableware is commonly used as mineral water bottle, coke beverage bottle, juice bottle and so on. Because it can only heat 120℃, so only suitable for cold drinks and warm drinks, if loaded with high temperature liquid or heating will be deformed. High-density polyethylene (HDPE), suitable for food and medicine bottles, cleaning supplies and bath products, shopping bags, trash cans. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), made by polymerization of vinyl chloride. High temperature and contact with oil PVC plastic easy to release phthalate esters and not fully polymerized toxic vinyl chloride monomer. Plastic wrap made of polyvinyl chloride has good transparency, is not easy to break, strong adhesion, low price, we see in supermarkets, and hypermarkets on the box stick very strong film is it. According to its characteristics, it is only suitable for vegetables, and fruits of refrigeration preservation, should not be put meat, cake and other foods containing more fat, also should not be used as microwave heating. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic film and plastic wrap, water barrier performance is good, so the milk carton made of paper, beverage boxes and other plastic cake packaging boxes are used as the inner film. The low-density polyethylene plastic wrap will be hot dissolved when the temperature exceeds 120℃. Therefore, if the plastic wrap is used to wrap the food and heat it, the oil in the food will melt some components of the plastic wrap out. Therefore, the plastic wrap should be removed before going into the microwave oven, at least the food should not contact the plastic wrap directly. Low-density polyethylene itself is not degradable, and today's "plastic restriction" is mainly limited by it.

Identify The Purchase Of Plastic Tableware

When choosing plastic tableware, first of all, want to see whether the logo is complete, see the product next. The surface of the product should be smooth, no stains, impurities, scratches, cracks, etc., no decolorization, fading phenomenon, but also smell to see whether there is a pungent taste and other peculiar smell. The most important thing is to see the product logo, the standard stipulates that the product must indicate the plastic food tray manufacturers' name or trademark, material, temperature and other instructions, if the product has heat-resistant water, is not suitable for microwave oven, can not contact the oil and other requirements, should also be marked, "the standard is clear, not standard as can be used." There are many kinds of tableware for microwave oven, but the marks are different. Some mark the using temperature and using method, some mark only the using temperature, and some mark neither the using temperature nor any instructions. Guangdong is a relatively concentrated area and the main distribution center of thermoplastic tableware production enterprises, but because there is no unified standard, the quality of products in the market is different, some enterprises use quality, low cost products to seize the market.

Safe Distinction Of Plastic Cutlery

Each plastic product has a triangle with an arrow at the bottom, which is the symbol of "regeneration". There are Arabic numerals ranging from 1 to 7 different arabic numerals represent different properties and uses of this plastic material. It's like a plastic form of identification.