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Application Industry Advantage of Advertising Paper Cup

Good advertising environment for paper cups

Paper cups are now widely used in catering, tourism, leisure and other service industries, and has been completely integrated into people's daily life.

With the increasing quality of life, the consumption of paper cups increases year by year from all levels of government organizations to thousands of households.

Advertising paper cup as advertising carrier and paper food packaging supplier, with a close visual distance, which will leave a very deep impression.

Low interference degree of advertising paper cup

The limited size of the paper cup determines that its advertising is different from that of traditional advertising media, and can avoid the interference of many other advertisements. Like the elevator advertisement, the audience will take the initiative to accept the advertisement information when using this media product.

In addition, the wholesale takeaway food cup has a novel advertisement form, personalized design, especially with visual impact, so that the audience can better accept the advertising information.

Large coverage of paper cups

It has a perfect distribution network, which can be directly delivered to the large hotels, Chinese and western restaurants, foot massage shops, beauty salons and other catering, entertainment and service enterprises, the real estate sales department, car 4S shops. Moreover, it is sold in major commercial supermarkets and directly faces the vast consumer groups, providing a guarantee for the in-depth publicity of products and the publicity of corporate image.
With a high effective reach rate, it is an ideal platform for products to build brands, establish images and promote sales.

Higher media permeability of paper cups

Direct one-to-one communication between individual users can effectively avoid many difficult problems of traditional media such as low arrival rate, efficiency and user selection rate. Meanwhile, it can also enable relevant media to release monitoring data to achieve effective quantification.

It is suitable for the brand image promotion in IT communication, automobile, household appliances, decorative building materials, education and training, health, website, catering and entertainment, finance, tourism and real estate industry.

This is an era of advocating corporate culture and paying attention to corporate image. Paper cup is an emerging media for product promotion, brand publicity and image enhancement in enterprises and institutions. We firmly believe that a small paper cup can bring unexpected advertising effect to your enterprise, which can be used as a small gift to customers.

Enterprise brand awareness, low cost but great help. For the same cost, paper cups can build a more complete corporate identity system and create more diverse values. According to statistics, paper cups alone can make your business grow by more than 5%. It is no longer just used for tea and coffee. Only by owning your own paper cups can you strengthen your image.