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What Are the Types of Lesui Paper Cup?

Le Sui has a rich product line, ranging from fashionable and innovative products to traditional daily paper cups. Thus, what kinds are there? Let's take a look.

Custom paper cup: printed 3/5/8/16/18oz disposable Italian ice cream paper cup with lid and spoon

Disposable coffee cups are made from thickened paper for better compression resistance, and the 16-ounce cups are designed with corrugated wallpaper for a comfortable grip and better grip. Disposable paper cups can be used as wholesale hot drink cups, hot cocoa cups, chocolate cups or ice cream cups.

No sleeves needed

Triple-height high quality corrugated coffee cups allow you to use the cup holder without burning your hands.

Leak-proof and durable

The laminated interior keeps the wholesale takeaway food cup from getting wet, and the embossed bottom keeps the covered coffee cup from leaking.

Colorful design

The outer layer of coffee cups with lids and straws supports a colorful design, giving these disposable paper cups a more sophisticated look.

Disposable environmental friendly ice cream paper cup with lid and spoon and 100% biodegradable packaging at factory price

3/5/8/9oz ice cream paper cups, Sundae bar dessert bowls, frozen yogurt, parfaits, snacks, soups, perfect for stores, concession stands, food trucks, restaurants, food trucks, and bakeries. It can also be easily made for single use and disposed of easily after consumption.

Leak-proof and biodegradable

Each ice cream cup is made of sturdy cardboard and coated with biodegradable PLA inside for excellent leak-proof properties.

For hot and cold food

Our ice cream cups can hold not only ice cream and sundaes, frozen yogurt and other frozen foods, but also hot foods like peppers, macaroni and soups with special disposable food packaging materials.

Support customization

Our professional R&D team supports customization of various sizes, colors, patterns, materials and logos.

8oz/12oz/16oz custom design disposable printed double wall corrugated coffee paper cup

8oz/12oz/16oz/26oz/32oz disposable brown paper soup container with paper lid for heating in microwavable and refrigeration. Its stackable design saves more space, and the tight-fitting lid ensures fresh food for your various needs.

Food grade paper

It is made from food grade paper and is environmentally friendly. Brown paper is economical and practical.

Polyethylene coating

The inner wall of the soup cup is sprayed with PE film, which is waterproof, oil proof and permeable.


Bowl bottom is using PE film for heat sealing and non-traditional viscose, tight and not easy to leak bottom.

Thickened lid with rising vent

The dislocation design of double-layer air vent reduces the thermal expansion of the gas in the cup and maintains a certain effect of heat preservation and leakage prevention.