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Analysis of the Types of Paper Food Packaging

Paper food packaging: Disposable waterproof and oil-proof food bowl

Disposable soup containers with breathable lids in 8/12/16/26/32 ounces. The cups are made of double-layer durable cardboard to prevent leakage. The take-away cup is the best choice for soup, steamed vegetables, or ice cream. Great for hot and cold foods! This is very useful for takeaway/take-out bowls for food delivery, markets, or even home use.

Paper food packaging: Disposable take-out recycled kraft paper food trays

Properly sized disposable cardboard food boats let you put various delicious foods in different containers. These brown kraft paper food trays hold up to 3 pounds. Food trays are essential for parties, hotdog and popcorn serving baskets, fast food snack racks for parties, and convenience stores.

Paper food packaging: Simple kraft paper, corrugated paper pizza takeaway box

This is an excellent choice for any size pizza shop, coffee shop, or restaurant, it can conveniently store more pizza or ensure pizza perfect display and maximum freshness. They are recyclable and disposable, making picnic or post-party cleaning easy and hassle-free.

Paper food packaging: Food-grade disposable kraft paper cookie box

Upgrade the cookie box, sushi packaging container. Wholesale high visibility natural brown kraft paper boxes with display windows for weddings, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, thank-you gifts, and other occasions. Choose the cookie box to make you happy and efficient baking, saving your money and time.

Paper food packaging: Environmentally friendly and biodegradable hamburger takeaway box

Restaurant convenient flip-top kraft paper boxes with hinged lids, disposable clamshell-style fast food takeaway containers, perfect for hamburgers, French fries, appetizers, or desserts, and can also provide small pieces or small sandwiches.

Paper food packaging: Biodegradable quick meal stir-fry bowl

Two different sizes of 4.6-inch * 5.9-inch and 3.9-inch * 5.8-inch paper fast food takeaway bowl containers, one-piece design food bucket container, easy to assemble, made of environmentally friendly paper. The clean white interior will give your dishes a simple and classy classic packaging.

Paper food packaging: Disposable takeaway fast food fryer container

14oz French fries clip cup, popcorn takeaway box, ice cream stand. These disposable tableware are widely used, and they are not only used to hold French fries, but also the perfect container for various items, bringing you and your guests or friends a better party atmosphere.

Paper food packaging: Biodegradable kraft paper printed hamburger box

This popular mini-hamburger box is designed to store mini snacks, appetizers, and desserts safely. These mini food boxes are perfect for chicken nuggets or mini shrimp corn cakes, with a convenient pull-ring seal, ensuring the safety of your food.

Paper food packaging: Environmentally friendly biodegradable red and white paper food packaging box

Disposable flip-top takeout containers. These takeout clamshells can be used to store hot and cold foods, and the oil and water-resistant function can prevent the food box from getting damp and leaking. These packaged food containers are tightly sealed, so customers don't have to worry about food falling out.

Paper food packaging: Customized children's snack paper container

Two kraft paper boxes for takeout with environmentally friendly biodegradable material. Popular red and white ches custom print logo, very suitable for fast food projects and young consumers. Ideal for daily or restaurant use, hamburgers, food carts, bakeries, takeout, Togo, meal preparation, catering supplies, wedding cutlery, and special events.