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Common Types of Eco Friendly Paper Bags

Eco friendly paper bags are commonly made of white cardboard, whiteboard paper, kraft paper, and copperplate paper. The commonly used thicknesses are 120g, 140g, 157g, 200g, 250g, and so on. Details are as follows:

White cardboard eco friendly paper bags

The paper bag made of white cardboard is the highest-grade paper bag, characterized by:

  • High strength: The strength of white cardboard eco friendly paper bags is the highest among all paper bags, which is determined by the physical properties of white cardboard. Designers usually use this kind of paper bags for high-end clothing or goods.

  • Fine texture: Compared with whiteboard paper bags, white cardboard paper bags have a noticeably finer texture, making them particularly elegant.

Whiteboard paper eco friendly paper bags

The wholesale biodegradable paper bags made of whiteboard paper has a higher strength and can hold goods with a certain weight. Designers often use whiteboard paper for clothing bags, and their specifications are generally printed with open or full-open paper bags.

Due to the general printing suitability of whiteboard paper, it is more suitable for printing text, lines, or color blocks. Whiteboard paper has a high strength and can be left uncoated, making it more cost-effective. This is a more affordable eco friendly paper bag.

Kraft paper eco friendly paper bags

The biodegradable paper bag made of kraft paper is characterized by high firmness and the lowest cost. It is generally used for packaging ordinary goods, other than white kraft paper, most kraft paper bags have a darker bottom color, so they are more suitable for printing dark text and lines or designing some strongly contrasting color blocks. Kraft paper bags are generally uncoated and are the cheapest type of paper bags.

Copperplate paper eco friendly paper bag

Choosing copperplate paper to make eco paper bags wholesale has the characteristics of a moderate firmness. Since copperplate paper has high whiteness and glossiness, good printing suitability, designers can boldly use various pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good. After covering the surface of copperplate paper with glossy or matte film, it not only has moistureproof and durable functions but also looks more exquisite. Copperplate paper is the most popular material for making paper bags.

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