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Customization Types of Kraft Paper Bags!

Hot takeout kraft paper bags

Aluminum foil hamburger wrappers are waterproof and oil-proof sandwich fast food packaging bags. They are BPA-free and suitable for wrapping paper for panini burgers, pita pockets, and hot sandwiches.

Freezer-safe and heat-resistant

This green unprinted aluminum foilbag has good insulation and can keep food warm and fresh for longer.

Oil-resistant and beautiful

The oil-proof interior of this aluminum foil snack bag prevents greasy oils from leaking and causing messes for oily foods. These wholesale biodegradable paper bags can prevent any leaks on your hands or car.

Very suitable for many applications

Our green aluminum foil paper bags are used for packaging appetizers, snacks, hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, barbecues, fries, fish and chips, onion rings, doughnuts, or other takeaway foods.

Custom logo takeaway foodkraft paper bags

Healthy, non-toxic, harmless, hygienic, preservative-free bottom compostable bakery bags. Recyclable and food-grade bags made of yellow/white kraft paper, oil-proof paper, and copperplate paper. They are moisture-proof and waterproof and are widely used for popcorn, bread, cake, sandwiches, French baguettes, burgers, cookies, nuts, bread and more.


We have a large number of intentions, full specifications, one-stop procurement, support customization, and direct sales.

Custom size, color, pattern

Production and sales integration, large spot inventory, no middlemen, high cost performance, steel plant manufacturers for decades, we are professional enough.

Water-based ink

The flexographic printing ink lines are environmentally friendly, with rich printing levels, bright colors, and good visual effects.

Reusable kraft paper bags with a square bottom and a window

Recyclable brown kraft paper bread bags with window and tin tie labels. Very suitable for use as gift bags for baking coffee beans, cookies, granola bars, assorted cookies, popcorn, candy bars, candies, and more.

Multiple applications

Not only bags for bakeries but also perfect choices for convenient shopping, fruit and vegetable containers, food delivery, birthday gift giving.

Sturdy square bottom

These bags are made of 100% high-quality natural materials and are suitable for heavier items.

Can be obtained through PE

For bags used for hot sealing and bags used for greasy or oily foods. Ensure that the butter cookies do not have oil leakage and the cookies are not stuck to the paper.

Custom size bread and sandwich kraft paper bags

SOS custom printed packaging bags with oil-resistant coatings are widely used in fast food, such as sandwiches, bread, burgers, grilled chicken, and more. The kraft paper bag keeps items dry in the air, making them store for a longer time. You can also use this bag to mark your recycling materials for pick-up around the city, making it perfect for your business, packing groceries and takeout food.

100% recycled kraft paper

The upgraded heavyweight paper bag uses tougher and more durable paper materials.

Square bottom

This makes thesepaper bags without handles can be used independently and are easy to pack.

All sizes available for daily life

For example, the supermarket-sized grocery bag 12×7×17. They are more durable and sturdy.