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Types of Disposable Cold Drink Cups

All materials of disposable cold drink cups are 100% BPA free, ensuring food safety, disposable and recyclable, and there is no hassle to use it. The smooth, crystal clear cold cup design allows you to display your aesthetic drink at any time.

Transparent disposable plastic cup with lid

The 20oz/16oz/20oz/320z disposable plastic cup is crystal clear as a whole, presenting a high-end and clearly visible appearance. It is perfect for holding iced coffee, smoothies, soda, or any cold drink. Plastic cups are more durable, stable and crack resistant, so they won't collapse if held too tightly. In addition, the wholesale takeaway food cup design has a rolling edge and smooth surface, making them easy to separate from the stack.

Clear and transparent

In these 20oz plastic party cups, you can clearly see the beautiful colors of different drinks and crystal bubbles, giving drinks more flavor and making the party unique and vibrant.

Excellent durability

Disposable cold drink cups are made of upgraded and thickened smooth translucent PET plastic.

A wide range of application occasions

Transparent drinking cups are perfect for holding iced coffee, slurpees, sodas, juices, cocktails, beer, or any cold beverage, as well as service supplies.

PET plastic disposable cold drink cup

These plastic cups are made from safe, BPA-free, non-toxic food grade materials and are better than other plastic cup products such as wholesale hot drink cups. Disposable cups are perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, school celebrations, and family gatherings.

Environmental protection

Disposable cold drink cups are 100% recyclable, reducing pollution and are friendly to the environment. So there's no need to clean up afterwards. You can throw them in the trash.

Guarantee satisfaction

Crystal clear plastic cups: Our PET plastic cups can only hold room temperature drinks or any cold drinks (up to 113℉).

It is made of high quality PET plastic

It is made of high quality flexible plastic, upgraded and thickened, with rolling design and smooth surface.

Transparent milk tea and shake disposable cold drink cup with lid

We are committed to providing a wide variety of disposable plastic products to facilitate your life and allow you to enjoy life. The crystal clear appearance can display beautiful colors and crystal foam of various drinks, such as coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, juices, foam boba, lemonade, soda, yogurt, parfait, etc.

Durable and stable

Our plastic disposable fruit cup containers are impact resistant and crack resistant. Better quality and more reliable than the others.

Perfect for cold drinks

PET plastic cups are only suitable for cold or room temperature drinks and food.

After-sales service satisfaction

If you have any further questions about our products, please contact us and we will respond within 12 hours.